The BR Transformation System is the advanced organizational transformation system developed by Bryan Research LLC. 

Financial Viability in the practice is achieved through the execution of several value streams:

- Coding and Billing

- Denial Management

- Accounting

- Bank Operations

- Payroll

This course explores the world of Revenue Cycle Management through the lens of the Toyota Production System and Systems Thinking. Understanding the issues in this functional area in the current high transaction volume fee for service environment is key to developing new strategies to operate in the Value Based Payment environment. Students will learn the structure and function of financial viability, typical issues found in practices and strategies for dealing with them in a LEAN framework

Quality management in healthcare is critical to delivering safe, effective services to patients consistently. This course explores traditional and advanced quality management philosophies, tools and techniques. 

Aligned with quality is the introduction of new service lines to a medical practice. This course explores market analysis, idea generation, systematic idea evaluation and analysis methodologies to support decision making in introducing new service lines

Care Delivery is arguably the primary value creating loop in the BR Transformation System. Comprising elements of:

- Supply chain management

- Practice operations

- Scheduling

- Referral management

- Community integration

It is the "traditional" view of healthcare delivery. In this course we examine the interrelationships of all these factors in delivering healthcare services. "Quality" in healthcare is explored in depth using purpose designed advanced tools

One of the four loops of the BR Transformation Model is Demand Management. This course explores the three main roles in demand management:

- Outreach and Marketing

- Panel Management

- Scheduling and Triage

and teaches students practical techniques and tools to manage demand in all three areas. On completion of MDM301, students will be able to map their own practice operations against the level 1 and 2 DM functions, organize them with appropriate tools and establish performance measurement systems to ensure they stay aligned to strategic goals.