The disciplines of Change Management and the related area of Project Management are essential in managing any Transformation. Courses in this category impart knowledge and skills necessary to effectively implement action plans as a basic component of organizational transformation. 

Students familiar with basic project management (see PM201) can take on projects with more complexity as their skills develop. The Advanced Project Management course builds on the foundations laid in PM201, extending the concepts of task linkages, task constraints, resource allocation and management to allow closer modelling of real life projects. It is taught using ProjectLibre - a free, open source project management software available online

Managing change in an organization requires understanding of the personal and organizational dynamics at play. Students will learn:

- The change cycles of individuals and organizations

- Tools and skills needed to successfully navigate and manage change processes. 

- The impact of culture on change dynamics

- An assessment process to discern the readiness, willingness and ability to change using a custom tool

Organizational change happens when great ideas are adopted by engaged people, who are given the authority and resources to make the change happen. Most changes involve executing a series of tasks, and the management of that process is called Project Management. 

This course explores the fundamentals of Project Management, from defining work, tasks and timelines in a medical practice setting to defining a project and setting up the project for management using ordinary office software. 

Students completing this course will know:

- How to think of ideas as goals to be achieved

- How to devise the tasks needed to achieve the goal.

- How to place those tasks in a logical sequence (a Work Breakdown Structure)

- How to manage the execution of the tasks in a coordinated way using common office software. 

It is a basic level course, designed to lay a foundation of concepts required for more advanced study as projects take on more complexity.